Meet Beauty Expert and Nad Lash Owner Nahid Kaleem from India

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Hi Nahid, kindly tell us about yourself?

I am Nahid Indian Beauty & Fashion Blogger from Delhi (India) a crazy workaholic girl who loves Experimenting, Travelling and changing people’s personalities in terms of Beauty, Fashion, Body Language, etc. I love experimenting with Fashion in my own way. Apart from these habits, I have recently Launched my own Brand in B2B line i,e. Permanent Professional Eye Lash Extension in the Name of “NAD LASH” which will help Indian Lash artist to do their job in a most peculiar way without falling behind International standards and we also create Lash Artist under my Brand Nad Lash. You can check my brand website

What made you decide to start the blog? Was it a thoughtful choice?

Well, Yes, it was a thoughtful choice I made in 2017 and the reason behind it was simply to give people correct knowledge for me having correct knowledge is important. Basically, I am working in the Beauty Industry for a decade now which makes me a little bit knowledgeable whatever I do and I decided to share my knowledge with people in an organised way through a beauty and Fashion blog.

Good, so how was the starting response?

Frankly, everybody has to work to showcase their talent in today’s world when we actually start something from scratch. So it was a time-consuming task for me then when I don’t have much following but being in the industry, I keep o getting questions related to beauty on my Facebook page so I decided to reply people’s question by writing a whole blog about their query which makes them feel special and this made me increase my number of blogs. I never googled the topic to write because it was high in the search engine instead I gave importance to people around me who valued my time and who trusted me enough. I guess that trick worked for me even now as well I use the same technique to write my blog I never cared about the google SEO I care about my people.

So, now how many hours do you give to your work and what do you enjoy most?

Well, now I really have so many things in my hands currently from working into a Full Time job, to manage my own business meetings and calls, to manage my 5 separate Instagram Handle, to write a blog about Beauty and Lashes. I divided my days so once a week I get time to write one blog and I actually enjoy taking out that time before I write and manage to answer the query of my friends and followers.

Being hair and beauty blogger, what’s your go-to outfit?

I experiment a lot with my outfits and I got this compliment/comment several times that I don’t dress like an easy girl which I know and I love to stand out in a crowd so when I don’t have time I love to wear crop top and high waist jeans is one of my favorites go-to style of mine.

Is there any beauty or hair care product you use regularly?

Yes I never complete my hair wash without using a hair mask that’s my regular hair product and in beauty I use De Tan Pack once a week due to my traveling job and I have an OCD of using my makeup remover even when there is no makeup on face to make sure my face is dirt free.

What do you do if you don’t like a product that’s been sent to you for review?

I always make sure to pass my message to all PR agencies and brand owners either they know me personally or not that I will use their product for at least 7-15 days to know the real result of their products because I never ever gave wrong feedback to the followers I am known for my ethical background. So If I don’t like the product I never review them on my channel or blog.

Do you have any inspiration in this field?

Yes, I guess everybody has inspiration so do I when I started I was following and watching everyday Wayne Goss Celebrity Makeup Artist who is really an informational person on the internet and I wanted to be like him in terms of explaining. You can follow him too if you are a makeup fan. (

You do have a good number of fans following, what kind of thing they ask most about?

Generally, they ask me about beauty products review, my next travel plan, hair issues they face and my upcoming blog.

Any message to the fans?

Do what you love and you will never get bored with your job or business and try to travel once in a quarter to a different city and enjoy that moment while exploring. Life is One so live it properly without regrets.

Kindly share your social media handles so people can connect with you.

Yeah sure;
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