Exclusive Interview with Jessica Liani – A Bali Based Beauty Blogger

Jessica Liani

Hi Jessica, kindly tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Jessica Liani, Bali based Beauty Blogger since 2013. I love trying new products and share them with my audiences on JcLiani blog.

What made you decide to start the blog? Was it a thoughtful choice?

My love for Korean Beauty products made me started this blog thing. I always love to try new things and always reading some reviews before buying them. I love to share my thoughts to help others too. I didn’t know that writing could be this fun.

Good, so how was the starting response?

I got many blogger friends and it opened a way to my career in the beauty industry right now.

So, now how many hours do you give to your work and what do you enjoy most?

I didn’t blog as much as I used to because of my baby but I’m getting back at it. I love how I can get to meet new opportunities to try new products and meeting new people in this industry.

Being hair and beauty blogger, what’s your go-to outfit?

Actually I’m very simple and love to wear a comfortable outfit especially tank top or t-shirt with shorts or summer dress since I live in Bali.

Is there any beauty or hair care product you use regularly?

Yes! I love L’oreal Extraordinary Hair Oil so much. Always use it almost every day after washing my hair.

What do you do if you don’t like a product that’s been sent to you for review?

I’ll keep sharing it but telling my honest thought, maybe it’s not for me but suitable for other people.

Do you have any inspiration in this field?

I do love Korean Beauty Vlogger, Pony, for her makeup.

You do have a good number of fans following, what kind of thing they ask most about?

Mostly about skincare, what’s suitable for their skin type and asking for recommendations.

Any message to the fans?

Great skin doesn’t come in one night. Keep working on it and the result may come one day!

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