Best Paul Mitchell Hair Straighteners Review

Buying a flat iron is a never ending hectic routine for everyone, for sure! Whether you are a veteran or a newbie finding something best for your hair can be exhausting because you need to consider many factors before adding one to your cart. Well, considering many factors can be overwhelming! Overall, customers desires their money to be paid back in the form of best performance and features and so are these Paul Mitchell flat irons.
best paul mitchell flat iron
We intend to free the pretty women from this struggle of digging the market to find the most awesome flat iron and so we have concluded with this article. It consists the list of 5 best Paul Mitchell flat irons to buy for your perfect hair look.

Paul Mitchell is a professional’s pick. Paul Mitchell was introduced into markets in early eighties. The brand lost the person who started it but the colleges somehow managed to run the business as perfect as him. Today, it’s one of the best picks for all professionals all around the world. Paul Mitchell is synonymous to success. Yeah, you read it right! You won’t pass through any good saloon without having a sight of Paul Mitchell products.

The brand aims to provide flawless sleek and shiny look to your hair that can speak volumes owing minimum time to produce it. These flat irons are designed with premium and the most advanced quality to be the favorite of all women out there.

5 Best Paul Mitchell Flat Irons

As we intend to guide the pretty women to the right path so here is the list of the bestselling Paul Mitchell flat irons. These are considered to be the best ones over all in the market. Continue reading underneath and pick the best Paul Mitchell for your hair.

Hair Straightener Award Rating Price
Express Ion Smooth Most Selling Flat Iron
(Best For Normal & Fine Hair)
8.2/10 See On Amazon
Neuro Smooth Iron Most Advanced Flat Iron
(Best for All Hair Types)
8.8/10 See On Amazon
Metal Tech Good for waves, flips, smoothing 6/10 See On Amazon
Express Ion Style N/A 6/10 See On Amazon
Neuro Style Cordless 4.4/10 See On Amazon

Following are the reviews of the top 5 best Paul Mitchell flat iron of 2021:

1. Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth + Flat Iron 1.25″

The Paul Mitchell protocols express ion smooth+ flat irons 1.25” is the top most selling Paul Mitchell flat iron. The product is heard to produce an eternal shine on your hair with exactly no split-ends and separated hair. Doing your hair with it is such a fantasy.

This flat iron is featured with advanced express ion complex technology paired with 1.25” cushioned ceramic beveled plates. It cuts the hairstyling time to exactly half. This one strives to be quicker than all others in the market with heating in just good 60 seconds.

It will give your hair an endless perfect shine and straight look with 410F and not only this but it has also got an LCD digital screen all for your convenience only. Consumers may find it very easy to use- they may set temperature according to their requirements and use it.

Paul Mitchell protool express ion smooth flat iron 1.25” can turn out to be a best choice for slaying every day at office but surely not for decades. The only complain you may find can be with its durability. Dual voltage is yet a plus point. If you find it interesting enough to match your hair type then you may take a look at its detailed head to toe features from here and then invest wisely.


  • takes 5 seconds to recover heat
  • heats to 410F in just 60 seconds
  • made up of effective –ve ion sort of technology
  • it is dual voltage
  • digital screen along with temperature control


  • It is not very durable

2. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro Smooth Iron, 1.25 Inch

The Paul Mitchell pro tools neuro smooth iron, 1.25 inch is another best one on the list. This flat iron is the second best choice when going with Paul Mitchell. It combines with is thermo titanium plates that gives your hair a long lasting shine and a very smooth outcome. Using this flat iron is just not less than a magic.

It heats up to 450F in just 30 seconds and has a smart sense microchip for heat recovery. Moreover, it has a LCD screen for monitoring temperature without any hazard and makes some exception with customized auto-shut-off option.

You may find no as such issues and drawbacks with this flat iron. It is the most reasonable one that does justice with features. If you have thick frizzy hair then this flat iron can be a solution to your problem. You may read read its detailed features from here and then invest wisely.


  • it heats to 450F in 30 seconds
  • It has an auto-shut-off option
  • it can do the frizziest hair out there


  • it is not very durable
  • ceramic pates lacks at quality

3. Paul Mitchell Metal Tech Collection Neuro Smooth 1.25 Isotherm Titanium Dual Voltage Flat Iron

This hair straightener is believed to be seller’s third best choice with being best and versatile at the same time. Paul Mitchell metal tech neuro smooth 1.25” consists of isotherm titanium plates that are cushioned with ceramic and safe with bevelled edges.

This flat iron makes some exception by having smart sense microchip monitor that keeps check on temperature and contours heat 50 times per second. This feature makes it extremely safe. You may find no hazard using it on a daily busy morning routine.

Continuing it with adjustable temperature controls, auto shut-off option and 9 feet long swivel cord along with a hanging loop. This flat iron is an all-in-one. You may produce completely different hairstyles according to your mood with just some creativity. This amazing hairstyling tool enables you to flip, bend, and curl and straight your hair all with the same flat ceramic plates. It just takes some creativity and manually moving it in the direction your desire your curl to be and you are good to go then.

If you find it pretty interesting for your hair then you may undergo its detailed features from here


  • heats very quickly to high temperature
  • it has an auto shut-off option
  • adjustable temperature
  • it is versatile


  • it is not suitable for thin hair

4. Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion style 1 inch Cushioned Ceramic Plates

Paul Mitchell Protocols Express Ion style 1 inch cushioned ceramic plates is the most expensive one in the market. The incredible infusion of silicon in the plates takes the sales somewhere very high. The silicon holds exception and doesn’t only gives your hair an enduring shine and a smoother look but it also adds to the health of your hair.

The plates are cushioned that can heat to 400F in just less than a minute and the edges are saved with beveled. Moreover, its super-charged –vet ions are responsible to contour and manage statics.

Lastly, it recovers heat in just 5 minutes.

If you are planning to buy this one then you may have a look at its detailed features from here.


  • it is extremely smooth-not leaving a single snag or crinkle
  • silicon strips adds to the comfortable grip and produces smooth and shiny hair from top to tip
  • it is versatile- you can flip, bend, straight all with one single tool


  • there is no adjustments for temperature

5. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro Style Unplugged Lumina, Cordless

This is something very different and unique. Paul Mitchell pro tool neuro style unplugged Lumina cordless-a travelling or you may call it last minutes touchup flat iron. Not all brands comes up with this uniqueness. It’s only Paul Mitchell that has introduced us with an incredible chargeable flat iron.

You may charge this iron to give your hair last touches for 30 minute to 1 hour. It has a lithium battery that may increase its usability time according to the temperature settings. Like all others on the list, its plates are isotherm titanium diffused that adds to the shine of your hair and make them voluminize.

Moreover, using it is convenient. The temperature doesn’t also stick at one place. You may adjust the temperature from 180F-250F. Being a cordless was not enough that it has also got a dual voltage. This makes it convenient to be travelled along anywhere.

If you find this one appropriate for your hair then you may read its detailed features from here and then decide easily.


  • it is a cordless
  • it has adjustable temperature
  • it is dual voltage


  • its battery doesn’t last long


Well, the above information must be sufficient to guide you right to the 5 best picks of Paul Mitchell to straight hairs like a pro. You may now select wisely going through detailed features of all of them and then comparing them. However, everyone strives to get their money paid back in the form of good performance and durability. Well, as far as the Paul Mitchell is concerned, by reading customer reviews we found out all of its products tends out to be great in performance, styling your hair exactly like saloons.

What you need to do is just be sure that it suits your hair type and you’re of course your pocket and you are all ready to bring the saloon home.

Buy the best one for your hair and slay every look everywhere every time!

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