Best Nume Hair Straighteners Review

Nume, the first one to come up with the clip less curling wand, still never ever disappoints its customers. Nume always shows up with latest innovation and take a deeper view at customer reviews. Nume care for its customers and designs what customer desires. The brand has a wide range of hairstyling tools but there flat irons are popular among all. Nume offers the best combo of perfection and affordability one can have ever come across so far.
best nume flat iron
The brand especially cares for the beautiful young women who desires each and every thing in her life to be colorful and attractive and so makes each and every flatiron enough colorful and aesthetically attractive.

4 Best Nume Flat Iron

Following is the list of top 4 Nume flat irons. They have been picked on the basis of being the most popular ones. You may go through the features below and decide wisely.

Features Nume Fashionista Flat Iron NuMe Megastar Flat Iron NuMe Silhouette Flat Iron Nume Style Setter Flat Iron
Plate material Tourmaline-Infused ceramic plates Tourmaline ceramic plates Tourmaline ceramic plates Tourmaline ceramic plates
Plate width 1 1/3 inch 1 inch 1 inch 1 inch
Max. Heat 410°F 450°F 410°F 450°F
Colors Pink, Blue, Black etc. Shocking Pink, Black, etc. Black, Pink, etc. Black
Adjustable Temperature No Yes Yes No
Dual Voltage Yes No Yes Yes

Here are the reviews of the top 4 best Nume Flat Iron in 2020:

1. NuMe Fashionista Tourmaline Infused Ceramic Hair Styling Flat Iron, Turquoise

NuMe Fashionista, Turquoise is one of the best choice for a fashion girl who likes to play with her hair and enjoy styling it in different ways. It is an all in one compact flat iron. You can now curl, twist, wave and straight all with this model.

The iron has ceramic tourmaline infused plates that are known to cut frizz to great extent since they emit negative ions and infrared energy. This feature cuts down the excess heat as well. The plates measure 1 inches.

It heats up to 410°F that is usually a good maximum limit for irons. It cuts your waiting time, it gets hot in just good 50 seconds. That’s gross!

This one makes exception with the presence of special alignment system to leave your hair perfectly aligned and VOWS gaining.

It is dual voltage and can handle between 110-240V without burning. Best one for travellers.

Overall, this one has got all good-to-go features but last but not the least, it do lacks at auto shut off and temperature dial that makes a bit harmful one for very thin and fine hair.

2. NuMe Megastar Flat Iron

The NuMe Megastar Flat Iron truly do justice with the name. These megastars are so attractive with colors like shocking pink and jet black with a sleek design of Couse.

The plates are ceramic tourmaline manufactured and 1” in size and are slightly longer than all others rival. This is especially designed just for your ease and to cut your straighten time to half. The long plates provides better coverage.

It has an adjustable temperature setting from 190-450 degrees that makes it suitable for all hair types. It also has a cooling setting.

There is a digital screen to show temperature.

Lastly, it is designed with the infrared light beam technology that works to lock-out frizz and lock-in the ultimate long-lasting shine and moisture.

Overall, it is good choice for all but it is especially designed for thick hair with 25% extra-long plates. It is a onetime investment to style for years.

3. NuMe Silhouette Flat Iron

The NuMe Silhouette model is one of the most convenient and easy to use present in market today. No issues of heavy weight, hard clamp, slip grip, etc.

The plates are tourmaline ceramic that locks out the frizz and sets in shine and mixture for a perfect look.

The iron is very light weight and comfortable to use with control buttons located on the inner side. Now you may not fear of accidentally hitting on them while using.

It is dual voltage.

The temperature settings can be customized up to 410 Fahrenheit and don’t stuck at one.

It also an all in one piece with curling, waving, twisting and straightening.

Overall, it’s a good and comfortable choice with no hand fatigue at all.

4. Nume Style Setter Flat Irons

This Nume model is a straightener that can curl, wave, twist and straight any hair type with total ease.

Plates are as usual tourmaline ceramic enabling the negative ion technology that leaves a really soft and moist texture to your hair. It locks the shine.

It heats very quickly with in the time lapse of few seconds up to 450 Fahrenheit.

It is dual voltage between 110-240 volts.

Overall, this one is not so attractive from outside but still offers good features.


Nume is the best choice with respect to price and result. Numes are no doubt very durable to last long and as far as the result is concerned, each and every model gives a best one from top to tip. You may have some other issues with these irons but having issues with respect to result is just impossible with Nume. All the NuMe models shared above in list are all best in their own ways but, before choosing one you need to consider variety of factors.

Above all, Do consider your hair type before selecting one for you. For example, flat irons with wider ceramic/titanium plates and high temperature (max 450F) work more efficiently for thick curly hairs in comparison to ones with thin and less temperature. And also do keep in mind about the dual voltage feature especially if you are a traveller. Hope this information must have guided you enough to choose the right model. Btw as an editor, my personal best pick will be NuMe Megastar Flat Iron.

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