Best Jilbere Hair Straighteners Review

Jilbere de Paris flat irons are among the best rated in any consumer review. They not only produce great styling results but the tools themselves look stylish: they are a perfect match of technology and fashion. Made from only the best ceramics and incorporating features that make using them a delight and at a cost that surprises many.

Those who own a Jilbere ceramic hair straightener tend to stay loyal to the brand.

Jilbere flat iron reviews are overwhelmingly positive – no matter which model is reviewed. Whether you choose a lightweight thin paddle model or wet to dry model, you can be assured of getting the best results possible.

The “diamond hard” porcelain plates of Jilbere ceramic irons allow hair to easily and gently glide between the plates. The precise heat settings allow you to set the temperature that is perfect for you hair type.

1. Jilbere Nano Silver Ultra-Thin Flat Iron 1″

This professional styling tool comes with 24mm plates (about 1″). The tool styles hair through a 3-stage process
jilbere nano silver flat iron

  • Sand-blasting – Ensures a smooth, even surface
  • Degreasing – Removes any foreign particles that would inhibit the ceramic benefits
  • Neutralizing and Rinsing – Balances the charge and ensures a clean surface

The Jilbere Pro flat iron features 200 watts with Ceramic Pulse Heat Technology, reaches a max temperature of 230C and has 25 heat settings.

2. Jilbere de Paris Definition Series 1-1/2” Solid Ceramic Flat Iron

Featuring commercial grade 100% solid Ceramic plates that are guaranteed to never flake or peel, this is an excellent choice for those who want a styling tool that’ll last the distance. It has 25 heat settings with a max temperature of 230C (446F). The grooved housing means that this Jilbere de Paris flat iron can also be used as a curling iron.

3. Jilbere Porcelain Vented Wet to Dry Flat Iron

This is for those who don’t want the bother of first having to dry their hair before straightening it. Like all the other models it features ionic technology to ensure that moisture is retained in your hair, helping it to look healthy and shiny. The exclusive vented channel system allows for excess water to “vent-off”. There are other wet-to-dry models on the market, but the Jilbere wet-to-dry is one of the lightest and most ergonomically designed and deliver perfect results every time.

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