Best FHI Hair Straighteners Review

Checkout reviews of our top 3 handpicked, best and best selling Flat irons by FHI brand for coarse, fine, thin, thick, curly, African American hairs, etc. under cheap price of 50, or 100 & 200 dollars.

1. FHI Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

One of the industries best kept secrets, the FHI Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is one of the finest hair tools you will find. It is recommended by the top Hair Stylists in the industry and is one of the true IONIC professional flat iron on the market today.

FHI Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

The FHI Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron is extremely multifunctional. It can straighten, curl, flip and create as many different and diverse styles as you desire. All the company’s hair straighteners come with Automatic Heat Sense Recovery System that quickly reheats the plates each time you go apply on your hair so you can get en even distribution of heat throughout.

Features & Benefits of FHI Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron:

  • True Ionic Charged Ceramic Plates
  • 140 to 450 degrees range on variable temperature control dial
  • Moist Ceramic Heat with Ceramic Plates and Coils
  • Ceramic Plates will maintain even temperature all the time
  • Ceramic will produce negative ions to seal the cuticle
  • Repels humidity
  • Locks in hair color and retards fading
  • Ceramic Heat will ensure the penetration of the Silk Molecules to the Hair
  • Automatic Sense Recovery System–Quickly Recovers Lost Heat to the Ceramic Plates
  • 360 degree Swivel Connection to prevent tangling
  • On-Off switch on the inside to prevent accidental turn off
  • Lightweight – Fits in a standard curling Iron Station
  • Heats up to operating temperature in 10 seconds
  • Multi- Functional Hair Styling Straightening Iron
  • Straightens , Curls, Flips, and is capable of creating many different styles

2. FHI Heat Technique Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

The FHI Heat Technique professional ceramic tourmaline flat iron features an advanced PTC heater for quicker heat up times. Tourmaline is the latest technology to be applied to flat irons. Tourmaline is a silicate that produces up to 6 times more negative ions than does ceramic. Negative ions have been shown to close the cuticle layer to create a smooth , silky hair surface and help seal in the hair’s natural moisture.

FHI Heat Technique Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Features of the FHI Heat Technique flat iron:

  • Best for coarse, thick and curly hairs like of African American Hair
  • Advanced PTC heater allows for quicker heat up times
  • Automatic Sense Control System allows for superior heat recovery rates
  • Ceramic Plates (3 baked layers) for maximum far infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft and straightens the hair from the inside. This less damaging type of heat (compared to infrared heat) seals in your hairs natural moisture and eliminates frizz
  • Beveled ceramic plates allows you to use the iron as a true styling iron that can flip, twist, straighten and curl
  • Tourmaline plates protect color and retards fading by sealing in color molecules and allows the color to last up to 2 weeks longer
  • Dual Voltage Technology
  • Long professional foot swivel cord prevents tangling of the cord
  • Mermaid color body with Red tourmaline ceramic plates in combination makes it aesthetically gorgeous

3. FHI EPS Black Diamond Digital Ceramic 1″

The FHI Brands EPS Black Diamond Digital Ceramic 1-Inch Professional Hair Styling Iron is comparable to the CHI Professional 1″ hair straightener but at a fraction of the cost!

FHI EPS Black Diamond Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

The key benefits of the FHI EPS Professional Ceramic Styling Iron are:

  • Thermostat set at 450 degrees.
  • Ceramic Plates for no-snag hair straightening
  • Automatic Sense Recovery System . Quickly Recovers Heat to ceramic plates – an exclusive to FHI.
  • Ultra fast heat up time 5-10 seconds to any temperature – as fast any any other flat iron on the market.
  • 360 degree swivel cord connection to avoid tangling.
  • New PTC heating element for longer lasting iron, consistent heat across the plates, and rapid heat up vs. older technology PTC element still in use by other manufacturers.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Digital temperature control
  • Color-coded temperature ranges for specific hair types and textures.


FHI makes some of the best ceramic flat irons on the market. They are technologically superior to their competitors, and offer user controls unlike any other manufacturer’s models. For challenging hair textures the value of the FHI product line and their performance far surpass their amazingly affordable price.

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