Reviews of Top Babyliss Hair Straighteners

Where that time did flew away when you used to save money to get your hair straightened from a saloon for a one night event and then going without shower for next 3 days. Just because you love those sleek, glossy and shiny hair on your face? Now, is the time to bring the saloon look home! Flat iron is something synonymous to indispensable so, if you are the one looking to have a flat iron that is best in all ways, then don’t you dare miss on Babyliss flat irons!
babyliss flat iron
Babyliss is one of the most versatile brand for hairstyling tools and their flat irons are top picks for the big saloons around the globe. Babyliss is known for not following the crowd. Their features are one hell of something completely original and unique. Babyliss focuses on quality and unprecedented technology.

5 Best Babyiss Flat Irons

Well, the brand has got the widest variety in the smallest name. It may not be easy to find the right one. We have pondered some thoughts on creating the list of 5 top hair straighteners by Babyliss Pro for 2021-2022, which may help you get the perfect one according to your needs. Babyliss itself is synonymous to best but, the best 5 means perfect in all ways. Continue reading below to get your hands on the amazing features.

1. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Straightening was never this easy. I swear! Babyliss pro nano titanium-plated ultra-thin straightening iron took straightening to a whole new level with extra-long 5” plates. This makes it unbelievably easy to take out big portions of your hair and straight it all at once.

This amazing flat iron is ready to cut your straightening time to exactly half as compared to the time you spend on straightening your hair with any random flat iron.

The main features comprises of titanium plates that are ultra-smooth assisting high heat up to 450 digress with no corrosion at all. It emits negative ions leaving your hair shiny and pin-straight from top to tip.

It has a ceramic heater. It makes exception with enabling you to 50 heat settings that are up to 450 degrees.

Well, without even digging these hidden features, you may still find this one absolutely approaching because of its ultra-slim and sleek design and light weight. Absolutely easy to handle with extra safe ryton housing. Your hand will feel no fatigue!

So, if you want to cut you’re straightening time to half with a long-lasting saloon look then you may have a look at its detailed features from here.


  • high heat with accompanied by customized heat settings
  • eliminates fizziness and ends up with an eternal shiny and glossy look
  • wide plates for straightening wider section
  • easy to handle


  • It is expensive than others

2. BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron

Babyliss pro porcelain ceramic straightening iron is an all-rounder for sure. This amazingly best in all way flat iron makes exception with the porcelain plates that produces far-infrared heat. porcelain technology makes it heat up very evenly and leaves your hair absolutely frizz free.

The appearance is also sleek and attractive. Body is made up of plastic.

Heating criteria is also good in this one. It heats up to 450 degrees in just good few seconds and also recovers heat. 450 degrees is not constant, people with thin hair can choose for lower heat settings as well.

As far as the weight is concerned so, honestly this flat iron is under-weight! It is very light enough to be carried anywhere anytime.

With this one, you have the opportunity to opt between different sizes.

You may have a look at details from here.


  • it is very cheap
  • porcelain plates makes hair frizz free
  • suitable for all hair type
  • very light in weight


  • it can broke if fallen down
  • may not last decades

3. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

As the name implies “mini”, it is the most compact one on the list. However, it may not seem very sleek but this is something super recommended for travellers.

Plates are ceramic made covered with titanium.

Heating criteria is quite different in this flat iron. Since being best for travelling, apart from having light weight and a compact size it also has a dual voltage property. It has 2 sizes of 1” and ½” that heats up to 440 and 430 degrees respectively in just good 30 seconds.

Be sure to keep in mind that it does not have any customized heat settings.

Moreover, the outcome you have using this flatiron is no doubted smooth but not so shiny and glossy.
You may read its detailed features from here for a wise decision.


  • compact in size
  • it heats quickly
  • has a dual voltage


  • the outcome is not shiny and glossy
  • no customized heat settings

4. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

Fourth pick is our very own BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron that measures 1-1/4” in size.

This ionic technology is accompanied by titanium plated plates that are known for reduces the fizziness to zero and producing a shiny and glossy saloon look at your home from your own hands.

The ceramic heater instantly heats up this flat iron up to 450 degrees and has quick heat recovery leaving no snags on your hair at all.

The housing is ryton made which is ultra-safe even for many hours use. No matter how hot the plates are, you will be able to handle it easily because the housing is guaranteed to not to heat up at all.

It has a spinning cord

It may not seem very sleek and attractive from outer side but it gives your hair a very sleek look that is long-lasting. Here ‘long-lasting’ means lasting for a day’s at least.

If you are annoyed by your frizzy curls then this is something that may help you. Read its detailed features over here for a wise investment.


  • it has wide plates
  • it heats up to 450 degrees
  • it is suitable for frizzy curls
  • has a spinning cord
  • has a ryton housing
  • makes no clicking noises


  • no customized heat settings
  • may not turn out durable to last decades
  • housing may heat from plates corner

5. BaByliss PRO Ceramic Extreme Straightening Iron, 1 Inch

The so attractive comes in red color. The plate size is 1 inches that is quite good and the material is ceramic.

As far as the heat settings are concerned then it may heat instantly up to 450 degree Fahrenheit and has 25 versatile heat settings all for your ease. It is known for reducing the static electricity that will cut your straightening time to a great extent.

Moreover, it is dual voltage that makes it most suitable for travelling.

The cord is 9-foot professional swivel cord that makes it easy to use and not only this but the housing is also sleek slim and light weighted.

This flatiron can straight wide portions of your hair and ends up with a shiny and glossy look. If you find it enough useful then you may have a look at detailed features from here.


  • it reduces the static electricity
  • it has customized heat settings


  • It does not have titanium plates.
  • Not assured to last decades.


The above guide must be enough to help you choose the best according to your need and hair type. You may go through the detailed features and then invest your money wisely.

No matter which model you choose, babyliss itself is unmatched, specially its Nano Titanium series. You will not at all disappointed no matter which flatiron you go with as long as its babyliiss.
So, it’s time to bring the saloon home!

Invest wisely and turn the heads with VOWS everyday every time!

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