Aany Lewis

I’am a 28-year-old British Jedi, Straight, and a former local activist who enjoys badminton, yoga and fishing. I’am energetic and loveable, but sometimes also feel sneaky and a bit sadistic.

Physically, I’am not the kind of person you expect to be fighting off romantic attention. I’am somewhat larger than most people’s idea of a heartthrob. I’am short with fair skin, brown hair and blue eyes.

I grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. I was raised by my father, as my mother died when I was quite young.

My best friend is a former local activist called Ralf Bartlett. We get on well most of the time. I also hangs around with Kristi Lindsay and Annalee Wilkins, and together we enjoy watching youtube videos and giving some time in activities related to animal welfare.

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